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We connect our clients with the leading blockchain experts to facilitate the development of topnotch DLT solutions, to conduct a successful ICO, enhance the development strategy and wisely invest into cryptocurrency.



On our platform you can find the best independent blockchain consultants who have skills best suited for solving your tasks, as well as most relevant knowledge and experience.



We connect our clients with the leading blockchain experts to facilitate the development of topnotch DLT solutions, to launch a successful ICO and enhance the development strategy.



A team of experts on request to quickly solve your tasks in the best possible way. On our platform you will be able to find a team that will solve the tasks of your project as fast as possible and for the best price.


How it works

The working principle of our platform is rather simple.

You can register on the platform only through the invitation from one of the members. And when a new member sends an application, they need to put in the names of three more members who can confirm that they know them and vouch for their level of professionalism. After this confirmation, the new user can finish the registration and start rendering their services on the platform.

Any user can purchase a consultation or any other service (for example, developing a smart contract) from the experts of our platform, and the experts can monetize their skills by exchanging experience and rendering services.

What makes it unique

Blockchain as a guarantee of transparency and reliability.

All data about the members (who invited whom and who rendered which services) will be stored in the distributed registry anyone will be able to access.

We believe that this approach will motivate new members to integrate into the community, meet oldtimers of the market, and be more open.


Specializations of our experts

What kinds of specialists you can find on our platform.




Consultation with technical specialists on the development of smart contracts, the release of tokens, etc.

Legal support

Legal support


Consultation with blockchain legal experts. Legal registration of the company, legalization of the ICO, legalization of the received funds.




Consultation with professional marketing experts. Development of a promotion strategy, community support, working with bounty programs, and much more.




Consultation with professional analysts. Analysis of the market, analysis of competitors, development of white paper, forecasting.

Investment consultant

Investment consultant


Consultation with professional cryptotraders. Investment strategy, forecast of price changes, crypto currency, technical analysis.




Consultation with a security experts. Audit of a smart contract, installation of security measures, prevention of break-ins and other threats.

Insurance of candidates

Insurance of candidates

A unique opportunity to insure a candidate
for a probationary period.

After you’ve found a suitable candidate on our platform, you can insure the candidate for the duration of the probation period. If the specialist doesn’t meet expectations during the set period, you can return money spent on the search for the candidate.

Progressive rating

Progressive rating

A unique opportunity to insure a candidate
for a probationary period.

All experts have their own ranks in the system, which are generated according to the following principles:

- The number of consultations given (in hours).
- Period of the platform usage (from the moment of registration).
- The number of positive and negative reviews.
- Activities on the platform (participation in voting).


Learn more about the plan for the development of our project.

We are here

At present, we have a finished personal account for accessing the database of selected experts. A working service to subscribe to and mail CVs. Functions to register and authorize as a candidate/expert.

Q4 2018

There will be 300+ candidates and experts registered on the platform. A reward system is launched to pay in tokens for activity on the platform.

Q2 2019

1000+ experts and candidates registered on the platform. All processes are debugged and automated. The platform starts bringing operational income.

Q3 2018

Emission of 100 000 BHT utility tokens for payments inside the system. Launching a smart contract for candidate insurance.

Q1 2019

Launching an exchange service of inside currency, which will allow experts to exchange BHT tokens they earn for fiat money. Additional token emission. Calibrating demand and offer through seigniorage.

Latest Updates

Latest updates on our platform.

Resume mailing subscription service is launched

10 May 2018

Now you can subscribe to the mailing list and get resumes of the best specialists to your e-mail.

The beta version of the personal account is launched

15 May 2018

We have launched the beta version of the personal account with an access to the contractor database.

The two hundredth user registered on the platform

24 May 2018

Today the two hundredth user has registered on our platform.

The alfa version of the smart contract for voting is launched

29 May 2018

We have launched the alfa version of the smart contract for voting among experts.

Our Team

A team of enthusiasts with great experience and a wish to change the world.

Artem Gladkikh


Eugene Gaev


Nikita Dyrdin


Mikhail Lazarev


Irina Stoliarova


Liudmila Pyshutina

Project Manager

Eugene Maksakov


Pavel Zagorodnikov



Freequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can become an expert?

Any user with verified skills.

Q. How to become an expert?

You need to get an invitation from another expert and to undergo the verification procedure.

Q. How to earn on the platform?

You can earn by rendering services, taking part in voting and inviting other experts.

We are Recommended

Experts who recommend our service

Our Advisors

Who helps us with the development of our product.

Denis Efremov

Vice President
at Da Vinci Capital

Nick Mitushin

Systems Architect and Chief Evolution Officer

Anton Elemoso

Project manager at Andromeda Capital

Only verified professionals


Thanks to the fact that the community directly influences the selection of its members, we can guarantee professionalism of our experts.


High level of professionalism


Thanks to the fact that all new users are verified by experts, the overall professionalism level of the ecosystem members is quite high.


Adequate price guaranteed


Transparent ranking system will force experts to set the price according to their level.


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